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Vhinny Marketplace - Terms of Use

Last Updated: January 20, 2021

Welcome to Vhinny.com. Vhinny.com and/or its affiliates ("Vhinny") provide website features and other products/services when you visit or shop at Vhinny.com. The following information contains terms and conditions related to purchasing products from our users that are hosted on Vhinny, and are not owned by Vhinny. This policy supplements our general terms of use.


Please review our privacy policy to learn more about our practices.


From time to time, you may see our users express various opinions about stocks and other financial instruments. This is not a financial advice and Vhinny is not associalted with these opinions in any way.

Paid Subscriptions/Products Hosted by Our Users
  • Vhinny users may restrict access to their page, content, downloadable items, or other assets they host on Vhinny. To access restricted content from our users, you may be asked to purchase a paid subscription to follow that user, or to pay for the access to certain pieces of content our users create individually.
  • If you choose to engage in a transaction with (purchase something from) a Vhinny user, that transaction is between you and that user (their business). The quality and integrity of the content/item you purchase is a sole responsibility of that Vhinny user. Vhinny is not responsible for the content/items created by our users or any consequences that may arise from your accessing/purchasing that content/items.
  • Vhinny users may restrict their content/items only to their followers who have purchased a paid subscription from them. When you purchase a monthly subscription, you may choose to cancel such a subscription at any time at no additional cost. After cancellation, the subscription will remain active for the duration of the current billing cycle and will not be renewed.
  • You may also purchase items from our users for a one-time fee. Unless specified otherwise, your access to such items will be valid indefinetely, as long as it exists on the platform. Please note, items can be modified or removed from the platform by their owners (Vhinny users who hosted them) at their own discretion.
  • When you buy content/items from a Vhinny user, you engage in a transaction with that user, and their associated business. Vhinny is not responsible for the items being sold. Vhinny is, however, responsible for enabling access to the items being sold. We encourage you to avoid purchasing digital content from users you don't trust.
Cancellation Policy and Refunds
  • Digital products sold on Vhinny for a recurring subscription may be canceled at any time without any additional charges.
    • When you cancel your recurring subscription, your subscription will remain active until the end of its current billing cycle and will not be renewed.
    • The current cycle of a recurring subscription is non-refundable.
  • Digital products sold on Vhinny for a one-time fee are not refundable unless it is explicitly stated otherwise.
  • The transaction is considered complete when you receive access to the digital product you purchase.
  • Once your access to the digital product is granted, you may not refund your purchase.
  • You may submit a refund request for our consideration in one of the following cases by contacting :
    • You have completed a purchase and your access has not been enabled within 1 hour of your purchase.
    • The content of the digital product you've purchased does not match the description.

If you have any questions about your access to the products you've purchased, please contact the owner of the digital product through their page on Vhinny. If you don't receive an adequate and timely response, please contact our support at .

Dispute Resolution

Vhinny reserves the right to handle disputes between Vhinny users who sell digital content/items on Vhinny and their consumers on behalf of the sellers. If you have any problem with the content you've purchased, please contact and we will do our best to help you. We reserve the right to refund transactions on behalf of our sellers.

Limit of Liability

To the extent permitted by law, we are not liable for any incidental, consequential, punitive, or any other damage or financial loss arising from your use of Vhinny. To the extent permitted by law, our libaility is limited to the amount of money we have earned through your use of Vhinny. We are specifically not liable for losses associated with unfulfilled commitments from Vhinny content creators.